It is important that all Wisconsin citizens have access to information on housing.  The University of Wisconsin-Extension provides resources on the topics of renting and home ownership.

Rent Smart: A Tenant Training Program

Helping to make renting a great experience for you.

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Rent Smart provides practical education to help people looking for rental housing to acquire and keep decent housing. Rent Smart emphasizes skills that can help tenants avoid legal confrontations. It stresses tenant responsibilities and the advantages the tenant gains from viewing the landlord-tenant relationship as mutually beneficial rather than confrontational.

What you will learn:

  • Planning for and meeting monthly expenses
  • Tips for finding and maintaining affordable housing
  • How to complete an application and why landlords screen applicants
  • Strategies for building positive relationships with landlords and neighbors
  • Responsibilities and rights of landlords and tenants

Download the Information Brochure below:

Rent Smart Brochure PDF

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