Family Learning Day

hands, knitting

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Fox Valley Technical College, 1825 N Bluemound Dr, Appleton

Session Options

Session 1

Check Out 5 Minute Crafts

Youth grades 5K – 13 and adults
Simple fast cute crafts to use as gifts. Come create by using your talent and enjoy.

Cloverbuds – Play with Our Food!

Cloverbuds grades 5K – 2
$5 per attendee to offset the cost of food.
Chefs in training will play with their food! We’ll build edible creatures using different foods including fruits, veggies, cheese, and other ingredients. You won’t want to miss this interactive and hands-on experience, led by a private chef! Bring a plastic container or two to bring any creations home.

Speaking Cat

Youth grades 3-13
In this session we will be discussing what your cat may be trying to tell you. Cats hide their emotions very well and we need to be on the lookout for the cues they may be giving us that something is wrong. In this session we will also answer any questions about the cat project and explain the cat project briefly.

It’s Not Just Paper, It’s Art

Youth grades 3-12 and adults
Paper not just to write on. Make paper into a toy. Make paper into flowers. Paper can be cut and shaped. Come and make paper an exciting art project.

Sell Your Market Chicken!

(or goose, duck, guinea, etc)

Youth grades 3-12
Find out how to raise the perfect blue ribbon poultry so you can make it to the auction block for the fair.

Making Paper Crafts from Old Books

Youth grades 6-8
We will be making animals and flowers out of Encyclopedia pages.

DIY Dog Treats

Youth grades 5K – 13, 5K – 2nd grade require adult
Join members and leaders of the dog project and learn how to make some no-bake dog treats and enjoy some doggy bingo.

Session 2

Snack Time Vibes!

Youth grades 3-13 and adults
$5 per attendee to offset the cost of food.
Join a private chef in creating a kid-friendly charcuterie board! Food prep and assembly will be key – some minor cutting tasks. We’ll be playing with our food during this 90-minute session!

Cardboard Creations

Youth grades 5K – 13, 5K – 2nd grade require adult
Learn how to work with the tools you need to make some awesome cardboard creations.

It’s Goat Time

Youth grades 5K – 13, 5K – 2nd grade require adult
We will be exploring and learning about goats
through interactive activities like trail mix nutrition, anatomy bingo, breed coloring contest and milk tasting. Any age or knowledge level is sure to have a goat time!

Fun with Macrame

Youth grades 3-13 and adults
We will be making a simple macrame plant hanger.

Door Signs & Cricuts

Youth grades 6-13 and adults
Does your door need something special? Come make a personalized sign for your door! You will pick a design, paint a wood round, and then cut letters and/or simple images out of vinyl using a Cricut. If you’ve ever been curious about how a Cricut works, we will be giving a brief overview.

Snapshot to Photograph

Youth grades 3-5
Explore the possibilities of photography as you learn how to take great photos including: controlling your camera, orientation and aspect ratio, composition, storytelling and presentation. This session is for beginning photographers.

Felting Fun

Youth grades 6-8
Craft something special with wool! Learn needle felting and you’ll never want to quit. Take home a unique project for the fair and then share your new skills with your club.

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