Current Volunteer Opportunities


We always appreciate outstanding adult volunteers who are looking to become excellent leaders for our youth! Please contact Alicia at or Vicki at for more information about how to volunteer.

Available Volunteer Positions 

  • Youth Volunteer – 4-H member who develops leadership skills and teaches other 4-H members. Opportunities to serve as a youth leader, camp counselor, committee chair, etc.
  • Project Volunteer – (includes project leader and resource leaders) Individuals responsible for running and maintaining the project areas within a club or the county. These individuals share their skills, talents and special interests in one (or more) project area. Examples: photography, arts, foods, community service, rocketry, robotics, gardening, rabbits, dairy, etc.
  • 4-H Club Leader – Provides 4-H club leadership. Can be an individual or a team of people with specific roles that fulfill the 4-H club leader responsibilities. Team members can be a youth-adult partnership. 
  • Club Enrollment Coordinator – Provides leadership for members and adult volunteers who are enrolling in the club or group organization. Manages club enrollment.
  • Activity/Event Volunteer – Usually short term position. May teach a special interest program, and/or assist a 4-H group with a special project. 
  • Committee Volunteer – Provides leadership for a committee and/or participates as a member of a committee. Creates educational experiences for all youth engaged in the program. Works with youth and adult volunteers in offering a positive youth development experience for young people.
  • Adult Advisors*/Chaperones* – for 4-H youth development experiences. Chaperones must complete the Youth Protection Program; be enrolled as a 4-H volunteer leader and be over 21 years of age. Advisors have a combination of chaperone and coordination responsibilities for 4-H Youth Development experiences. This may include Citizenship Washington Focus, Space Camp, National 4-H Congress, etc. 

*Special application forms are required. Contact the Extension office for details.

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