Become a Member

New 4-H members are ALWAYS welcome!

Please note that if you wish to  participate in the Outagamie County fair, new members must enroll by December 31Member re-enrollment occurs in the fall of every year.

Who can join? 4-H membership is open to all youth beginning in 5K (five-year-old Kindergarten) through one year beyond high school graduation and not to extend beyond the age of 19 as of December 31 of the enrollment year.

So how do I become a member?

Just follow these easy steps:

1.  Choose a 4-H club – a list of clubs with their meeting times and locations can be found on the Community Club Corner

Things to consider:

• Projects the club is involved in

• When and where the club meets

• Size of the club

* Please note that some clubs may not choose to participate in certain activities, such as the Music Festival and the Drama Festival.  If you are interested in specific activities be sure to ask if the club participates in those activities.

2.  Contact the Main Leader, to be sure the club is a good fit for your family.

• The main leader must approve your enrollment in the online system.

• He/she can help you decide what projects you would like to participate in.

3.  Select projects you would like to take using the Project Enrollment Guide.

• For more information on projects and resources available go to the Wisconsin 4-H Projects website.

• Annual enrollment fees are paid to the club, by the set due date.

• County enrollment fees are only $5 per member for the entire year, but a club may have additional small dues to help pay for club activities.

4.  Enroll through 4-H OnlineEnrollment begins September 1.

Upon completion of enrollment you will receive a Family Handbook that will include more information and policies.

For more information or assistance please contact the  Extension Outagamie County office at (920) 832-5123.

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