Extension provides the knowledge to solve many of the problems commonly faced in keeping plants healthy.

  • Learn to care for and manage vegetable and/or flower gardens, lawns, and other horticultural crops.
  • Gain knowledge of effective and safe methods of pest control and management.
  • Take a soil sample, and have it tested for nutrients, then work with a Horticulturalist to create a fertilizer recommendation.
  • Identify plant based insects and their control methods.
  • Identify common plant diseases and find curative approaches.
  • Provide research based, non-biased information in a timely and concise manner.

Extension educators have access to up-to-date research, and evidence-based educational materials to be used in consumer and commercial horticulture outreach. We can assist Wisconsin residents to make horticulture-related decisions that reduce negative environmental impact by using various accepted techniques.

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Kaitlin Bricco | Horticulture Educator
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