PEAQ & Winter Cereal Forages Monitor

Predictive Equations for Alfalfa Quality (PEAQ) Stick/Alfalfa Scissors Clip

Predictive Equations for Alfalfa Quality (PEAQ) Stick/Alfalfa Scissors Clip will be conducted by the Outagamie Forage Council again this year, the same way it always has, with the cooperation and support of many individuals.

Samples will be collected on Monday and Thursday, when the crop reaches a height and stage of maturity when it is reasonable to begin sampling with results posted on Tuesday and Friday at or available through voicemail at (920) 832-4769.

DateFarmHeight/Maturity StagePEAQ/Lab Result
5/15/23Sugar Creek Farms – Alf22″/Vegetative200 RFV / 263 RFQ
5/15/23Neighborhood Dairy – Alf19″/Vegetative215 RFV / 322 RFQ
5/15/23Remer Farms (201-058) – Alf15.5″/Vegetative242 RFV / 319 RFQ
5/15/23Knigge Farms (T1/T4) – Alf19″/Vegetative217 RFV / 316 RFQ
5/15/23Larrand Dairy – Alf15″/Vegetative245 RFV / 297 RFQ
5/15/23Birlings Bovine (65) – Alf18″/Vegetative227 RFV / 287 RFQ
5/15/23Birlings Bovine (18) – Rye24″/VegetativeN/A / 208 RFQ
5/15/23Oneida Nations Farms – Rye19.5″/VegetativeN/A / 214 RFQ
5/18/23Sugar Creek Farms – Alf24″/Vegetative 190 RFV / 241 RFQ
5/18/23Neighborhood Dairy – Alf22″/Vegetative200 RFV / 330 RFQ
5/18/23Remer Farms (201-058) – Alf18.75″/Vegetative223 RFV / 335 RFQ
5/18/23Knigge Farms (T1/T4) – Alf22.5″/Vegetative198 RFV / 311 RFQ
5/18/23Larrand Dairy – Alf18″/Vegetative224 RFV / 311 RFQ
5/18/23Birlings Bovine (65) – Alf20″/Vegetative212 RFV / 316 RFQ
5/18/23Birlings Bovine (18) – Rye26″/VegetativeN/A RFV / 219 RFQ
5/18/23Oneida Nations Farms – Rye23″/VegetativeN/A RFV / 217 RFQ
5/18/23Aaron Barclay – Rye25.5″/VegetativeN/A RFV/ 229 RFQ
5/18/23Aaron Barclay – Winter Triticale15″/VegetativeN/A RFV/ 234 RFQ
5/22/23Sugar Creek Farms – Alf29″/Vegetative167 RFV / 219 RFQ
5/22/23Neighborhood Dairy – Alf26″/Bud175 RFV / 260 FRQ
5/22/23Remer Farms (201-058) – Alf21.5″/Early Bud192 RFV / 256 RFQ
5/22/23Knigge Farms (T1/T4) – Alf26″/Early Bud171 RFV / 262 RFQ
5/22/23Larrand Dairy – Alf22″/Bud190 RFV / 278 RFQ
5/22/23Birlings Bovine (65) – Alf24″/Bud181 RFV / 233 RFQ
5/22/23Birlings Bovine (18) – Rye34″/BootN/A RFV / 198 RFQ
5/22/23Oneida Nations Farms – Rye30″/BootN/A RFV / 209 RFQ
5/22/23Aaron Barclay – Rye30″/BootN/A RFV / 207 RFQ
5/22/23Aaron Barclay – Winter Triticale20″/VegetativeN/A RFV / 223 RFQ
5/25/23Sugar Creek Farms – Alf“/RFV / RFQ
5/25/23Neighborhood Dairy – Alf30”/Tall Bud158 RFV / 234 RFQ
5/25/23Remer Farms (201-058) – Alf28”/Early Bud, Bud164 RFV / 248 RFQ
5/25/23Knigge Farms (T1/T4) – Alf34”/Bud143 RFV / 208 RFQ
5/25/23Larrand Dairy – Alf25”/Bud175 RFV / 282 RFQ
5/25/23Birlings Bovine (65) – Alf26.5”/Bud168 RFV / 261 RFQ
5/25/23Birlings Bovine (18) – Rye”/N/A RFV / RFQ
5/25/23Oneida Nations Farms – Rye25.5”/HeadingN/A RFV / 199 RFQ
5/25/23Aaron Barclay – Rye35.5”/HeadingN/A RFV / 204 RFQ
5/25/23Aaron Barclay – Winter Triticale35.5” / HeadingN/A RFV / 234 RFQ
5/30/23Larrand Dairy – Alf32″ / Bud148 RFV / 218 RFQ
5/30/23Birlings Bovine (65) – Alf32″ / Bud148 RFV / 194 RFQ
5/30/23Oneida Nations Farms – Rye47.5″ / HeadingN/A RFV /179 RFQ
5/30/23Aaron Barclay – Rye42 ” / HeadingN/A RFV / 176 RFQ
5/30/23Aaron Barclay – Winter Triticale26.5″ / BootN/A RFV / 205 RFQ

Thank you to the following farms and collectors:
Sugar Creek Farm (New London) collected by Much Crop Consulting
Neighborhood Dairy (Kaukauna area) collected by Kevin Naze
Dairyland Seed Company Birlings Bovines (Black Creek/Seymour area) collected by Tilth Agronomy
Larrand Dairy (Freedom area) collected by Tilth Agronomy
Knigge Farms (Omro area) – collected by Tilth Agronomy
Remer Farms (Omro area) – collected by Tilth Agronomy
Oneida Nation Farm (Seymour area) – Cereal Rye collected by Tilth Agronomy
Birlings Bovines (Black Creek/Seymour area) – Cereal Rye collected by Tilth Agronomy
Sunny Daze Dairy (Seymour area) – Cereal Rye and Triticale collected by Tilth Agronomy

Outagamie Forage Council to Pilot Project to Monitor Maturity and Quality of Winter Cereal Forages

The number of farms planting winter cereal crops continues to increase every year. There are tens of thousands of acres of these forage crops grown in Northeast and East-Central Wisconsin. While the history of some of these crops may be rooted in their use as a forage to provide supplemental heifer or dry cow feed, we now manage the harvest of these crops quite differently. Many farms have greater forage needs than what their existing cropping acreage can support, so it should not be a surprise to anyone that we cannot allow all of our acreage to remain fallow during the winter months. Crops like winter triticale have proven time and time again that when managed effectively and harvested correctly, they can provide supplemental forage to the lactating dairy herd ration. As a result of the increase in acreage and the necessity to accurately identify the ideal time to the harvest winter cereal crops to maximize both yield and quality, the Outagamie Forage Council will be piloting a project where we collect height and maturity information, and then report lab analysis values for these crops. Results will be posted on this page.

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