Program Committee Signup

Program Committees

The role of Outagamie County 4-H Program Committees is to provide overall leadership to specific project areas and their related events and activities. It is recommended you limit yourself to 3 committees.

To sign up to be on a committee please fill out the form.  If you are currently on a 4-H Program Committee and wish to continue, you must send in this form or your name will be taken off of the current list. Sign up by August 31!

If you would like more information contact the 4-H Program Educator at

NOTE TO CURRENT COMMITTEE MEMBERS: If you are currently on a 4-H Program Committee and wish to continue, you MUST send in the form or your name will be taken off of the current list.


  • Gather ideas and suggestions from leaders and members involved in the project.
  • Plan and schedule leader training for your project area so leaders can better help project members. (Note – this could include informational newsletter articles, as well as meetings and workshops.)
  • Plan and schedule workshops, tours, special activities (including state fair and shows), and other enrichment experiences for project members and families. (Note – these experiences should not replace local club project meetings.)
  • Provide leadership for carrying out events and activities planned (organize, schedule, communicate, promote, coordinate, involve, recognize, etc.)
  • Acquire resources needed for events and activities (supplies, transportation, chaperones*, facilities, etc.).
  • Publicize your committee’s activities by writing newsletter articles, displays, and other methods. Articles will be published exactly as submitted. (Note: newsletter forms are available in your committee folder and due to the 4-H office by the 1st of February, April, June, August, October and December).
  • Submit detailed budget requests for educational resources and project training & activities to 4‑H Leader’s Association Executive Board for approval no later than August 31.
  • Recommend fair premium book changes, fair judges, etc. to the Outagamie County Fair Association.
  • Periodically report your plans and activities to the 4-H Leaders Association.
  • Encourage both youth and adults to join your committee.

* Committees must submit chaperones for all out-of-county activities and events to the 4-H Leaders Association Executive Committee for approval (meetings are January, February, April, June, August, and November).

Project Committees
Adventures (Backpacking, Hiking, Bicycling, Canoeing, Winter Travel)
Citizenship (Finance, Health, Inter-Generational, Workforce Readiness, Entrepreneurship)
Clothing (including quilting)
Communications (Creative Writing, Demonstration, Speaking)
Home Environment & Child Development
Knitting & Crocheting
Livestock (Beef, Sheep, Swine, and Goats)
Mechanical Sciences (Aerospace, Scale Models,Geo-spatial, Robotics)
Performing Arts (Dance, Music, Theater Arts)
Photography (including videography)
Natural & Plant Sciences (Field Crops, Gardening, Horticulture, Birds, Fishing, Forestry)
Small Animals (Poultry, Rabbits, and Pets)
Shooting Sports (Archery, Gun, Hunting)
Visual Art (including Drawing & Painting)

Event/Extra Committees
Action Center Stage
Awards and Recognition
Club Mentoring
Drama Festival
Dairy Bar
Educational Travel Opportunities
Family Learning Day
Music Festival

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