Adulting 101

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July 18th, 2023


1:00pm - 2:00pm


MaryBeth Wohlrabe



Adulting 101 is an educational series for teens lead by Extension Educators that teaches youth valuable life skills often not taught in the classroom. Adulting refers to being a responsible adult by paying bills, cooking and cleaning, having health insurance and maintaining a savings account. It also means knowing how to have healthy relationships and being a professional when interviewing for a job. It is believed that today’s youth lack adulting skills because there is an over-emphasis on academics from an early age compared to previous generations. This program engages youth in learning adulating skills to combat this issue.

  • July 18 College 101: Admissions 
    • Learn all about college admissions from an Admission Counselor! They will be answering pre-submitted questions (Questions Submission Deadline: July 11) and helping you discover what you can be working on now to improve your chances of admittance to your dream school!
  • July 25 Budgeting 101
  • August 1 College 102: What’s next? After you’ve been accepted!
  • August 8 Time Management 101
  • August 15 Work, Work, Work, Work, Work: Professionalism 101
  • August 22 Fast Food Frenzy
  • August 29 Career Spotlight

Event Location

Fox Valley Tech,

1825 N Bluemound Dr, Appleton

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