Agronomy Update Meeting

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Event Information


January 9th, 2019


7:00am - 11:00am


$45 for event and material ($10 late fee)


Kevin Jarek




Join state and local experts as we learn about:

• Corn hybrid grain response to banded fertilizer at planting
• Biological nitrogen fixation of corn
• How does corn respond to “kitchen sink” grain management?
• 2018 soybean and small grains highlights and lowlights
• What we thought we knew about soybean but really didn’t! #fakenews
• Understanding small grains growth and development to better manage the crop
• Hybrid winter rye forage and grain trial results
• Corn silage:grain ratio changes over the last 20 years

Registration for this event is closed. 

Download the brochure for more details.

Agronomy Update Brochure PDF

Event Location

Liberty Hall, 800 Eisenhower Dr, Kimberly

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