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January 26th, 2022


12:30pm - 1:30pm


Kevin Jarek


January 26th (1 CM CEU Available)
Silage Additives for Conventional and Alternative Forages: Cost and Benefits
Dr. Luiz Ferreratto, UW Madison Extension Ruminant Nutrition Specialist

Disease and Mycotoxin Considerations when Making Corn Silage
Dr. Damon Smith, UW Madison Extension Field Crop Pathology Specialist

February 2nd (0.5 CM and 0.5 NM CEU Available)
Are Forage “Cocktail Mixes” a Reasonable Alternative? Research Updates on 2021 Yields & Quality
Dr. Matt Akins, UW Madison Extension Dairy Specialist
Mike Ballweg, UW Madison Extension Crops and Soils Educator, Sheboygan County

Dairy Farmer Perspectives on “Cocktail Mixes” and Annual Forages
Brody Stapel, Double Dutch Dairy- Cedar Grove, WI

Profitability of N Management for Alternative Forages – Preliminary Results
Kevin Jarek, UW Madison Extension Crops and Soils Educator, Outagamie County
Dr. Carrie Laboski, UW Madison Extension Soil Fertility Specialist

February 9th (1 CM CEU Available)
Benefits of Incorporating High NDFD Grasses into Dairy Rations
Dr. Debbie Cherney, Cornell University Professor of Animal Science
Feeding Winter Cereals and Other Alternative Forages Update
Kimberly Schmidt, UW Madison Extension Crops and Soils Educator, Shawano County

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