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 Children Caught in the Middle 

When a family is going through a divorce, it is recommended to keep children out of the middle – that doesn’t always happen and can create a difficult situation for the family.  There are research-based recommendations for improved communication and decision-making that can deal with the conflict in a constructive manner. Taught by Family Court Mediators and the Extension Family Living Educator

Topics Covered
Child Development
Common Myths
Cooperative Co-Parenting
How to keep children out of Parent’s Battles

Registration Information: Offered the second Thursday of every month, 12:30 – 3:30 pm.
The cost of program is $10.00 cash at door, and the program is open to the public. Seating is limited, so prior registered is required. To register, please call 920-832-5660 or send an e-mail to


Family Resiliency

“Family resiliency is the family’s ability to cultivate strengths to positively meet the challenges of life.” Strong families help children learn resilient behavior when they teach problem-solving skills and provide positive, non-critical support and sense of togetherness. 
Find out if your family deals with the crisis like a rubber band or a toothpick.  Research tells us there are key elements that are critical to building strong families. The values and skills learned at home give individuals the power to shape their lives.This session will give you ideas of how to start to build on your strengths to make even stronger family relationships.

For UW-Madison Division of Extension links to family resiliency resources follow the link below:

Buffalo County Extension Family Resiliency Resources Link 


Rules, Rituals and Routines

Children need to have structure in their lives.  To add to the structure of family life, research tells us it is important to establish rules, rituals and routines.  Examples of everyday living will be shared and how to make applications in our families.  This is an educational program for church and family outreach groups.


A purple rectangle with a yellow house and the words "Home Alone"

Home Alone

Like many parents, you might be trying to decide if it is safe to leave your school-age child home alone during the school break or unsupervised while you go out.  Home Alone is a new online video training program that is available free of charge from UW-Madison, Division of Extension.  It will help you and your child prepare for self-care.  View the program online at

COVID-19 Co-parenting Tips

The COVID-19 pandemic brings new challenges for parents who do not live in the same house. During this time of increased anxiety and stress, it is important to work together to parent your children. The link below has a few tips from Dr. Maggie Kerr, State Specialist with UW-Madison, Division of Extension.

COVID-19 Co-parenting Tips Link


Karen Dickrell | Human Development and Relationships Educator
3365 W. Brewster St. | Appleton, WI 54914
Phone: 920-832-5121 | Wisconsin Relay: 711
Fax: 920-832-4783


MaryBeth Wohlrabe | Positive Youth Development Educator
3365 W. Brewster St. | Appleton, WI 54914
Phone: 920-832-5120 | Wisconsin Relay: 711
Fax: 920-832-4783

Topics of Interest 

+ Anxiety Levels of Children

+ Divorce and Separation

+ Managing Child distress after Tragedy or Violence

We often don’t think about war and violence as a topic for children, but violence/war affect all children in one way or another. Some children can be affected directly, while other children watch these events on television, hear about it from adult discussions or on the radio, and/or read about them in newspapers and on the computer. Modern media bring wars and political violence into homes on a daily basis and children who are exposed to political violence in this way will need to share their reactions, questions, and confusions with someone so they can achieve more understanding about these events.Information for parents and teachers to use in preventing or responding to those fears. Below are resources to help start a discussion in your home. 

National Child Traumatic Stress Network
Talking to children about a shooting and after a crisis: Helping Young Children Heal 

American Psychological Association
Managing Your Distress in the Aftermath of a Shooting 

Purple Wagon – a site for people interested in parents and children and their explorations and discussions of war, terrorism and peacemaking. 

Resources for Parents

+ Extension Resources

+ Community Resources

The Real Happy Hour – families spending time together whether it is at the dinner table or other activities.

Parent Connection  – a parent education and early learning program that Encourages, Strengthens and Supports families throughout the Fox Cities and Oshkosh.

The Parent Outlet – A resource for families in Calumet, Outagamie and Winnebago Counties

Parent Outlet Community Resource Guide 

+ National Resources

Kids Count – Providing state legislators, public officials and child advocates with the reliable data, policy recommendations and tools needed to advance sound policies that benefit children and families.

The Future of Children  – providing research and analysis to promote effective policies and programs for children

Legacy Project – research, learning and social innovation empowering youth, adults, and elders for inspired lives, stronger communities, and a sustainable world.

Children, Youth & Family Consortium 

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