2015 Roskom MeatsButchering Beef Carcass –  You Tube Video, Zen Miller, Agriculture Agent –  Extension, Outagamie County – and Joe Diedrich – Owner, Roskom Meat

Oneida Nation Farms – Calf Catcher


Oneida Nation Farms Calf Catcher Plans (pdf)

Oneida Nation Calf Catcher Photos (pdf)

Beef Cattle Health and Nutrition

Beef Ration Calculator (xls)

Grain Fed Freezer Beef Pricing Spreadsheet (xls)

Hay-Corn Sub Value Calculator 11-12-13 (xlsx)

Sale Barn Health Program (pdf)

Feeding Cull Potatoes – Many growers are facing increased feed costs and shortages of decent quality forages.  This year it appears that there is a greater supply of cull potatoes that usual in the state. Cull potatoes may be an economical feed source that some beef farmers can use to feed their cattle.  Potatoes are high in starch and can be used as a grain substitute in growing and finishing rations and also as an  energy source to compliment low quality forages for beef cows and or growing replacement heifers.  Ken Schroeder, Exension Agent in Portage County, has written a fact sheet on the use of cull potatoes in beef and dairy rations and tips for successful storage of cull potatoes on the farm.  This fact sheet is available at this link: Feeding Cull Potatoes to Dairy and Beef Cattle (pdf)

Feeding Cabbage Waste  – One way farmers can feed quality ingredients at bargain prices is to use food waste in the ration.  During sauerkraut production, leftover cabbage leaves and cores (called cabbage waste) can be fed in dairy cow and heifer diets.  Cabbage waste fact sheet2 (pdf)

Pork Quality Assurance Plus

Area producers can receive training to be PQ certified on an annual basis with meetings rotated around the Eastern Wisconsin area.  Training includes:  direct marketing, animal health, feed and nutrition specialization.

Direct Market Freezer Pig Pricing Worksheet 7-16-15 (xls)

Swine Reproduction and Production Management (ppt)

Deworming of Exhibition Swine to Prevent Liver Condemnations (ppt)

Farm Assessment

The Extension Swine team provides farm assessments on a fee-based schedule.  Pork production centers are evaluated for feed, water, ventilation, animal health an d well-being and other welfare issues.  Emphasis is given on improvements to increase producer’s bottom line.


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